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Designing Organizations to Create Value

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James A. Brickley, Clifford W. Smith, Jerold L. Zimmerman, Janice Willett

Designing Organizations to Create Value - From Strategy to Structure



Designing Organizations to Create ValueJames Brickley, Clifford Smith and Jerold Zimmerman are all Professor of Business Administration at the University of Rochester and have written numerous books and articles.


In their book "Designing Organizations to Create Value" (2003) they introduce an organizational framework with three highly interrelated and critical processes to increase shareholder performance:


- decision-making,

- performance evaluation,  and

- compensation.


Designing Organizations to Create Value also contains chapters on value strategy, value leadership and the critical role of knowledge in organizations. For (top) executives being interested in Value Based Management rather than technical valuation this is a highly recommended introduction on Value Based Management.

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