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TOP Business Magazines


Harvard Business Review

The Harvard Business Review brings to life the insights and best practices of business thinkers and leaders on management ideas, desiring to improve the practice of management. Harvard Business Review is the world's acknowledged authority on business leadership for managers responsible for success in the global economy. Now published monthly times a year, HBR delivers entrepreneurial ideas and insights that help managers strengthen their leadership power. Every issue shows how to use technology for competitive advantage. Guides strategic decision making in times of change. Profiles innovative leaders. Tells how to motivate today's workers. Shares the details of successful online alliances, and more. Written for upper level management. Presents analysis of management problems and helpful commentary on advanced thinking and practice in all fields of management and administration.


Balanced Scorecard Report is a newsletter by the Harvard Business Review describing the Balanced Scorecard revolution. Developed in conjunction with Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton, creators of the Balanced Scorecard, each issue delivers the latest research and front-line implementation news from organizations using the Balanced Scorecard strategic management system.


Strategy + Business

The aim of Strategy & Business is to challenge old assumptions not by laying out an agenda covering which CEO-issues are worthy of thought. Practical but also provocative. It is a thought-leadership business magazine for senior business executives and the people who influence them, reaching more than 100,000 readers worldwide. Alone among major business publications, S+B draws on a combination of journalists, academics, consultants, and corporate strategists to contribute articles that set the agenda for business leaders and guide them through its execution. Using all the reporting forms in the editorial arsenal case studies, interviews, scholarly research, journalistic reports, profiles, and first-person accounts S+B delivers penetrating and vital insights and practical guidance about management, innovation, public policy, strategy, and more. Strategy+Business is published by the leading global management and technology firm Booz Allen Hamilton.


The Journal of Corporate Accounting and Finance offers advice on dealing with accounting practices and policies. Analysis of rulings, statements and tax code changes. It is directed to corporate accounting and financial executives and outside auditors and accountants working with corporations.




Business Journals

The Journal of Intellectual Capital is dedicated to the exchange of cutting edge research and best practice on all aspects of managing intellectual capital in organizations. With new concepts in knowledge management and intellectual capital developing so rapidly, it is vital for academics and practitioners to have access to the best and most current information available. The Journal of Intellectual Capital is dedicated to the international exchange of cutting edge research and best practice on all aspects of managing intellectual capital in organizations. Whilst focusing on the identification and implementation of innovative intellectual capital strategies, this journal also addresses the application of theoretical concepts to the modern knowledge economy. Drawing on the combined expertise of a prestigious editorial advisory board, which features some of the most eminent names in the field, the journal is the definitive source of knowledge and research on IC existing today. Newly published concepts and theories by leading experts act as an examination of how organizations are developing to maximize and increase the value of their Intellectual Capital.


Corporate Finance is an international monthly journal of financing techniques, M&A and risk management for corporate treasury and financial executives, and their advisers. CFO's, finance directors and treasurers of multinational corporations keep on top of their financial options by reading Corporate Finance. With sections devoted to managing capital, managing cash and managing risk, subscribing to Corporate Finance a good way to understand the financial options your business can utilize.

According to the International Journal of Business Performance Management, the most distinctive characteristic of a high performance organization is a strong commitment to explore innovative thinking as a means of delivering a breakthrough in performance. The journal aims to examine both hard and soft perspectives in managing business performance.

Strategic Finance

Strategic Finance provides finance and accounting management topics for corporate accountants, chief financial officers, controllers and treasurers. It is the flagship publication of the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), an international trade association for corporate accounting and finance professionals. This monthly magazine provides the latest information about practices and trends in finance, accounting, and information management that will impact members (mostly controllers, CFOs, and their staffs) and their jobs. Thought-provoking articles also offer advice that will help financial professionals perform their jobs more effectively, advance their careers, grow personally and professionally, and make their organizations more profitable.


Directors & Boards

Directors & Boards is a quarterly journal dedicated to the topics of leadership and corporate governance. Its readers are at the very pinnacle of business -- board chairmen, CEOs and members of senior management, corporate board members, and board advisers. Directors & Boards was founded in 1976, just as the Securities & Exchange Commission was taking an aggressive stance on the accountabilities of corporate boards of directors. For the past 23 years, Directors & Boards has been the undisputed information source and intellectual thought leader in the field of corporate governance.

Business Magazines

Measuring Business Excellence offers research papers and live case histories by leading strategists providing international insights into non-financial ways to measure business improvements. It will show you how other best practice businesses are using different measures in different contexts. Each issue provides case notes and case studies showing how World-Class organizations are using the measurement tools and techniques discussed in the journal. Use Measuring Business Excellence to decide between overall business models - then use it to evaluate the effectiveness of particular tools for particular measurement needs. Measuring Business Excellence is written by practicing managers, consultants and researchers who are using, developing and assessing business measurement and improvement tools every day. Learn from their knowledge and their experience.


Investor Relations Business delivers timely and practical information to help investor relations professionals. The publication covers important issues, such as changes in securities laws, corporate governance, proxy developments, technology and the Internet, disclosure, shareholder activism, career guidance and practice management, consulting services and other information that investor relations professionals cannot afford to be without. Investor Relations Business also offers consulting and public relations firms insights into how to promote companies, updates on the competition, profiles of investor relations managers, and new areas in which to market their services.




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