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International Valuation Standards Committee - IVSC

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International Valuation Standards Committee IVSC

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International Valuation Standards Committee

Phone / Fax: 44 (0) 1442 879 306
Email: ivsc@ivsc.org

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The principal IVSC objective is to formulate and publish, in the public interest, valuation standards and procedural guidance for the valuation of assets for use in financial statements, and to promote their worldwide acceptance and observance.


The second objective is to harmonize valuation standards among the world’s states, and to make disclosures of differences in standards statements and/or applications of Standards as they occur.


It is a particular goal of IVSC that international valuation standards be recognized in statements of international accounting and other reporting standards, and that Valuers recognize what is needed from them under the standards of other professional disciplines.

Organization Profile


The International Valuation Standards Committee (IVSC) is an Non-Government-Organization member of the UN and works with other parties, including valuation societies throughout the world to harmonize and promote agreement and understanding of valuation standards.


Membership in IVSC is through national valuation societies and institutions representing their respective States. These professional bodies must recognize objectives that concern asset valuation, and must have a sufficient number of their members capable of conducting such valuations.

Members support the Standards and guidance published by the Committee and use their best endeavors to secure recognition of the Standards where appropriate in their respective Member States. Members also disclose to the Committee any significant difference between domestic and international Standards so they may be reported to the international community. Valuers must, of course, act legally and comply with the laws and regulations of the areas in which they practice.

Members work with controlling and regulatory authorities, both statutory and voluntary, and societies of other professional bodies to ensure that valuations comply with IVSC's Standards and guidance. Members also play an educative and consultative role in the area of asset valuation standards within their States.

Liaison with the International Accounting Standards Committee, International Federation of Accountants, International Auditing Practices Committee, and International Organization of Security Commissions is especially important to IVSC activities. In this regard, other objectives of IVSC are to provide advice and counsel relating to asset valuation to the accounting profession, coordinate valuation standards and work programs of the related professional disciplines in the public interest, and cooperate with these and other international bodies in the determination and promulgation of new Standards. These objectives are accomplished through direct liaison and through participation in other international organizations such as the United Nations. IVSC was granted Roster status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council in May 1985.

The international Standards and related discussions are the best consensus to date of 40 participating nations. Like valuations of individual assets they are subject to the Principle of Change which holds that change is inevitable and continuous even when gradual and not easily discernible. As Standards they are intended to offer fundamental asset valuation definitions and guidance in a dynamic world. Where changes are believed necessary and warranted they should be brought to the attention of the International Valuation Standards Committee for international deliberation and decision.

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