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Benchnet - Benchmarking exchange - surveys best practices

Benchmarking exchange - surveys best practices



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Benchnet - Benchmarking exchange - surveys best practices





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Benchnet is a benchmarking exchange providing surveys, links and best practices on benchmarking.

Benchnet - is a electronic communication and information system designed specifically for use by individuals and organizations involved in Benchmarking and Process Improvement. TBE's Benchnet provides users with a forum for all phases of Benchmarking. TBE's Benchnet is for veteran practitioners as well as those who are just beginning to discover the world of Benchmarking. TBE's Benchnet was designed by benchmarking practitioners for Benchmarking practitioners. TBE is also a "live" Newsletter in that all the information is updated daily so you don't have to wait months for fresh material.
Self Assessor - is an online service that provides users the ability to measure themselves, real-time against the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) European Quality Award criteria, the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA) criteria, the Australian Quality Award (AQA) criteria and the South African Excellence Award criteria.

Surveyor - is an online survey service where companies (survey sponsors) can solicit answers to their specific questionnaires and have the responses collected and emailed directly back to them along with a copy of cumulative database containing all responses to their survey. Companies simply forward a copy of their questionnaire to TBE and within 48 hours TBE will have their survey online. TBE will send out survey participation invitations to its own proprietary list of candidates as well as any email lists supplied by the company sponsoring the survey. Companies can use Surveyor for internal studies as well.

Bintranets - is TBE's Benchmarking Activity Service (BAS) that companies use for their internal benchmarking research and collaboration needs. Many companies have found that outsourcing their internal benchmarking activity needs to TBE have been able to reduce their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by 75% while increasing their Return On Investment (ROI) by as much as 1500%. Some common applications incorporated in the BAS are; Inbound and Outbound Benchmarking Study Tracking, Internal Electronic Discussion Boards, Best Practices database, Company policies on Benchmarking, internal use Forms and procedures for employees conducting Benchmarking Studies, and more.

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